Testimonial About The Founder

“Tanisha is a very detailed person that has phenomenal skills! She is a person that is very reliable! With skills like this I make sure that I have all of her contacts at hand!”

– Y. B., President & Founder, Entrepreneurs on the Rise

“Tanisha is an established professional that is beyond her years in her craft. As a direct result, her resume, and experiences are flawless. Tanisha has served as a true asset to HR Departments, up and down the east coast, more specifically fortune 500 companies. Doing so has given her a diverse background in the world of Human Resources. Tanisha is an irreplaceable professional that has the skills, creativity, and the drive, that is shared by a minute few across the industry.”

– J. L, MA, LPC, NCC, CSOTP, Owner/Director, Hampton Roads Center for Positive Intervention
“Well, to say the least Tanisha Day is truly a life saver. I was at my wits end and to my surprise, she uplifted me and helped me with many tasks. I had too much on my plate all at once, Tanisha has taught me how to prioritize and set realistic goals. I was amazed at how quickly we began to accomplish things. Tanisha has proven herself time and time again, by being persistent and detailed with all tasks. Tanisha still follows up with me, which happens to be wonderful. Thanks!”

– B. M., Author
“I am elated to know someone with as much will and determination as Tanisha Day. Tanisha has inspired me to reach beyond what I think I can do. She has taught me to set goals and give myself room to grow. I presented Tanisha my concerns about my career and family responsibilities. Tanisha made all necessary contacts for me, so I can have information I needed to follow through with the goals we set. Tanisha continuously updates me with helpful information, showing her will to go above and beyond of what is asked of her.”

– T. A, Aspiring Entrepreneur

“Tanisha is a very organized and dependable person who is very committed to ensuring that organizations HR function effectively supports the business. We met while she was in graduate school and have bounced different HR ideas off of each other over the years. She also has been my personal HR manager when I needed one.”

– S. T. L, Former Staffing & HR Manager, NBC

“Tanisha and I have worked together on workshops and consulting projects. She is bright, innovative and organized. I would have no issues with working with her on consulting projects in the future.”

– T. F., PHR, Independent HR Consultant

“Tanisha is a diligent HR professional with an unwavering passion for organizational development. She is consistently developing her craft and stays abreast of new happenings within the HR function.”

– D. M PHR, Human Resources & Labor Relations Manager, Comcast Corporation

“Tanisha Russell Day is truly a breath of fresh air!  Tanisha has many qualities which extend far and beyond her resume.  Besides being extremely dedicated and well skilled in her area of expertise, Tanisha is also very organized; which also adds to her value.  My suggestion?  To optimize your business or gain a clear sense of your career goals, contact Tanisha.  She is the professional with the flare you are looking for.”

– S.S., President & Founder of Sparks Inspiration